The Special Operations Leadership Experience employs Special Operations Veterans to teach leadership through challenging scenario-based exercises.


In the Special Operations community we train and fight as a team, because we know that TEAMWORK will determine whether we succeed or fail.  Our goal is to facilitate the personal development and growth of your team members.  We do this by offering the opportunity to undergo the leadership development techniques that have been refined for decades.


We are NOT just another ropes course:  we will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally by putting you in uncomfortable situations.  Through this adversity you will find your limits and succeed only when you are able to rely on your teammates and work together.


-You are always leading, even if you aren’t in charge


Peer leadership is of the highest importance.  Even when you aren’t in charge, your teammates feed off of your energy and rise (or drop) to your level of performance.  Only you can determine whether you bring your teammates up/down to your level.


-Leadership is a habit, not a gift


Leaders are made, not born.  What matters are the decisions you make and the results you deliver on a consistent basis.  Leadership is something that must continually be honed and exercised to be effective.


-Leadership is best learned experientially


Academics are important, but so are repetitions.  How often do you have the opportunity to lead a team to accomplish a complex and demanding task?  These types of experiences will enhance the academic lessons learned in books, classrooms and lecture halls.  At some point, one has to stop studying the bicycle and go ride one.



If there is one thing the Operator knows, it’s TEAMWORK.  Our cadre have been hand-picked for their professionalism, humility, experience and desire to share what they have learned over the past decade of conducting Special Operations across the globe.  They have led teams through some of the most challenging missions and draw on this experience when mentoring participants at the Special Operations Leadership Experience.


Our leadership challenges are tailored to your individual needs, and participants will experience first-hand how we apply leadership in a multitude of situations, whether it is in the boardroom or on the battlefield. 







Derek Herrera Afghanistan Special Operations

With the help of many other Special Operators, we have mobilized an incredible team of men and women who are all passionate about making your team better.  While no leadership experience can provide lasting results overnight, I can personally guarantee that your team will leave our experience with an enhanced understanding of themselves, their teammates, and knowledge that can contribute to the success of their team.  The principles and methods we utilize have been honed over decades of training and experimentation, and we are incredibly excited to share them with you.


Derek Herrera


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